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On Wednesday we had a video call to catch up on a few things. Having spent the majority of my time working in isolation, it felt like a big deal having three people in a meeting for the first time (myself, my potential co-founder and our brilliant intern). It was genuinely exciting!

It’s been such a long time since I’ve had the privilege of being in a situation where everyone’s voice has importance, and where different people bring different perspectives. Things I hadn’t considered, for example, for our user survey, that someone else picked up.

Each contribution added something and I was so pleased to have teammates. There’s an adage about going further faster, if you work together — which felt particularly pertinent.

A healthy case study for diversity of thought.

The main topic for discussion was our user insights survey, going out to as many people as possible. We looked at building it in Typeform — its clean design and familiarity made it the easy place to go to first. But its pricing?! Way too much for us right now.

After trying JotForm, which I found quite clunky, we landed on Paperform. It had a clean design and was really easy to use and customise.

I felt a throwback to my PR days of designing questionnaires to go out to 2,000 UK adults. We had to start with what we wanted to find out, and work backwards — designing the questions from there.

I spent a lot of time getting the questionnaire as good as possible. Another thing I’d forgotten; everything takes so much longer than you think it will.

I’m debating using a time tracking tool so that I can start to estimate things better. But, since most tasks are unlikely to be repeated too often, I’m not sure how effective this would be. Something to think about nonetheless.

This week is the last week before Christmas; I’m still balancing the work of coming back from burnout with onyx work, so we’re officially off from this Friday, until 4 January. I’m still planning on doing a few bits and pieces to break up the days, but am very much listening to my body and acting upon those insights.




Fntech founder @getonyx who has always been curious about what starting a business really looks like. Sharing my experiences here

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Bhakti Gajjar

Bhakti Gajjar

Fntech founder @getonyx who has always been curious about what starting a business really looks like. Sharing my experiences here

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