January. Grey. Wet. Cold. And locked down. It was a challenge to get going last month so I’ve condensed it into one blog. (Weekly blogs to restart from this week) — not that I’m expecting February to be a whole lot different on account of the… greyness, wetness, coldness and continued never-ending lockdown.

Some days had a lot more flow in them, others… less so. But on the whole it was a good month.

We conducted a few more user interviews and created an affinity map. I also interviewed a few product designers to help with one of the most critical tasks at this stage; creating the product. It felt important that it was a woman (seeing as that is the main audience we are designing for) — who at the very least is close friends with the ideal user, or, better still, an ideal user herself. So I’m happy to have been able to find this person, who’s working on this evenings and weekends.

Edging closer to getting some designs, and work on the user journey and site map has also started — hurrah!

I’ve been introduced to some people working in the VC space. I am definitely most apprehensive about the fundraising part of this whole journey; I’ve never done it or seen it done before. The calls I’ve had so far have played a useful (but tough) role in outlining my blind spots, and also in instilling some confidence.

Work on the pitch deck is well underway and, in the interim, I have a one pager that’s articulated the key messages. My background in comms is proving very helpful — as it has been throughout my career — in creating and telling stories. It’s very easy to get caught up in the details but unless you make the proposition compelling to the audience you’re speaking to, you’re not going to get anywhere.

And design counts too. Canva is a complete gamechanger and designing the one pager in this, rather than a standard doc, has definitely improved its impact. The monthly subscription is well worth it.

I joined Clubhouse. I felt cool (the power of exclusivity in making something more desirable is a killer marketing tactic) but I have yet to work out its usefulness to me. But I shall keep persevering!

I also joined Lunchclub and had two meetings in my first week. Like so many people, I’ve really missed connecting with strangers and learning new things. I met a fintech founder / VC based in Berlin, and the Chair of another startup.

In other social app news, I’ve been spending more time on Twitch listening to DJ sets. In the absence of any dancing with strangers, it’s a source of pure joy for me. And it helps soundtrack work, when I’m not listening to the radio — background festival vibes.